In the modern world of websites it’s important to know that the information you input into websites is encrypted and stored securely. It’s now so important that all major browsers have taken it upon themselves to tell visitors whether a website is secure or not.

Not only that, search engines also want to know if your website is secure. If you think of it from a search engines point of view – they only really want to display secure and quality websites in their results.


How do you make a website secure?

Firstly, we need to understand the difference between a secure and non-secure website – there’s one very obvious difference. A URL such as will always have either http:// or https:// at the beginning.

http:// is not secure

https:// is secure

A website that is secure will have a padlock before the whole URL, clicking this padlock will show you the site is secure and display some further information such as cookies.

Information that is transferred over a non-secure website can be intercepted, tampered with and stolen. This is SUPER important for ecommerce websites where there’s potential for names, addresses and even payment information to be intercepted.


Introducing the SSL Certificate!

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate can be installed onto your website which then encrypts a users connection to your website. Any and all information which is then passed between the user and your website is safe and secure and it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Now we’re talking!

Most websites found on the web today collect some form of information, even if you have just one contact form which asks for information such as names and emails – you need an SSL certificate.


What are the benefits of an SSL Certificate?

Well, firstly and most importantly, your users data is secure. In our eyes this is enough for you to make sure you have one. There are lots of other benefits as well.

  1. Trust – Trust is an exceptionally important part of modern business. You need your users and customers to trust that their in safe hands browsing online on your website.
  2. SEO Benefits – As previously mentioned, search engines only want to show safe and secure websites in their results. It damages a search engine if they send their users to non-secure, malicious websites. They need to keep their reputation high and you’ll get a better boost than someone who doesn’t have an SSL certificate.
  3. Customer Retention – Roughly 43% of users will leave a website if they see a warning about it’s security. That’s close to half of all your visitors abandoning your website before they’ve even had the time to read a sentence.
  4. All the Benefits – Quite frankly, there’s no reason to not have one. There’s only positives.

What does Atlas do about SSL Certificates?

After reading our article on why it’s so important to have an SSL certificate, we hope we’ve given you enough information to know that it really is important to have one. That’s why with every single website we design and build we secure them with an SSL certificate for FREE.

As a forward thinking tech company we want to make the web a better, safer place for everyone. If giving a free SSL certificate to every client makes even the smallest difference – to visitors, search engines and customers themselves – then that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

If you’d like more information on web security or any other services that we supply, just get in touch.

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