Before we jump into the differences between HDD Hosting and SSD Hosting and why SSD Hosting is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about having a well optimised, fast website – we should first explain what they are.


HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Much like those hard drives sitting in your PC or laptop, HDD is a traditional form of storage made up of metallic discs that spin up and access data. Y’know, that whirling sound that comes from under your desk or from your lap. That’s your hard drive spinning up to access data at a certain point on those discs.


SSD (Solid State Drive)

With an SSD – forget those spinning discs, in fact, forget any moving parts. SSD’s are a little like a large capacity USB – only not quite that simple. SSD’s allow for exceptionally quicker read and write speeds which means accessing and loading your data is A LOT quicker.


So, why choose SSD Hosting over HDD Hosting?


Access data at up to 300% faster

SSDs are manufactured for performance. SSDs are built to surpass that of the old HDD technology and they allow for up to 300% faster speeds when accessing your data or website. Typically SSDs have Up to 500 MB/sec for consumer-grade devices and the typical range of an HDD is 50 – 120 MB/s.


Increases website performance

Due to the quicker read and write speeds of SSD technology, it takes less time for your users to access your website when they’re browsing between pages. Performance is key in order to keep users onsite for as long as possible.


Handle greater numbers of traffic

When website traffic spikes, it can cause your website to slow down. On average you’ve got 3 seconds for your website to load before users decide to leave your site. SSDs allow servers to process a high amount of requests efficiently. This is especially important for ecommerce websites.


Exceptionally low fail rate

Due to SSDs having no moving parts compared to HDD, they are far less likely to fail mechanically. This is so important when it comes to your website. If a drive fails and you have no backups – your website is gone.


Atlas Hosting

We work with a specialist hosting provider to ensure that every one of our customers get the most performance out of their hosting. We start with SSD Hosting as a baseline and we offer multiple packages to ensure that you get the right hosting for your project.

We also offer a free domain* with every hosting package and to top it all off we secure your domain and hosting with a free SSL certificate. If you’d like more information then just contact us!
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*Free domain for the first year of hosting for certain TLD’s only.