Facebook Pixel is a small segment of code that is embedded into your website. Once Facebook Pixel is active on your website Facebook will be able to attribute a customers activity and behaviour on your website back to their personal Facebook profile.

Why would I want that on my website?

Quite simply, the Facebook Pixel is used for Facebook Advertising. If you do not plan to advertise via Facebook – there’s no need for the pixel.

However, if you do plan on advertising on Facebook – it’s an absolute must.

With Facebook Pixel installed you can start creating Facebook audiences from users who are hitting your website. This can be vitally important for remarketing and capturing back the users who have left your website but expressed an interest in your services.

What’s probably the most important factor of the Facebook Pixel is that it can be used to widen your advertising reach to very relevant and converting customers. Using the data collected by your Facebook Pixel you can advertise to people who are most like your top 20% visitors or even your top 5% repeat purchasers. This allows you to really narrow down an effective ad spend strategy. Spending less for more.

If you would like more help on installing your Facebook Pixel or even a Facebook Ads Manager, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.