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Increase traffic and sales for both new and established websites and pay only when someone clicks your ad.

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Reach customers who are searching for the services that your business offers. With Google Ads you can bid on certain keywords and appear at the top of search and across Googles Ad Network.

Whether you want to increase traffic, get more enquires or sell more products, Google Ads could be perfect for you. Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

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Keyword Research

Choosing the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to result in clicks and conversions.

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Conversion Tracking

Track the conversions you receive through ads to determine your ROI (Return on Investment).

Free SEO Website Audit

Free Audit

Already run ads? Just want someone to see what’s working and what’s not working? No problem.

30-Day Rolling Agreements

There are no tie ins to long contracts. You can cancel at anytime. I work hard on your ad performance to ensure that you are happy and achieve great results.

Fixed Pricing

I do not work on percentages of ad spend or other similarly complicated pricing structures. I keep things simple with a fixed monthly management price that is always the same.

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SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is the technique of ensuring your website is set up to receive Organic Traffic effectively. Organic Traffic is traffic that comes to your website when someone finds results in a search engine. It takes a long time to appear organically for your keywords.

Google Ads is Paid Traffic and that means paying Google to show your website in the Ad results. Paid Traffic is an almost instant result.

Google Ads is not a ‘set it and forget it’ scenario. Campaigns need close monitoring to ensure a number of things:


  • You’re not appearing for irrelevant searches or keywords.
  • Ensuring your budget is optimised and not running out half way through the day.
  • Seeing which specific ads are performing better or worse than others.
  • Adding negative keywords to stop irrelevant clicks.
  • Ensuring conversions are being track
  • Adding useful keywords.


If you do not manage and optimised your ads you will not only be losing out on conversions but you will be spending more money than necessary.

I charge a single monthly fee for Google Ads management, dependent on the size and complexity of your account. That’s all it is.

I do not charge a percentage fee of your ad spend. This is a poor incentive for agencies to lower and optimise your budget spend. The more you spend, the more they make.

What a lot of people forget to tell clients is that your landing page experience actually affects the performance of your adverts.

Google will give you ratings for your ads and how relevant they are to the page in which you direct your ad traffic to.

If your ratings are poor, Google is less likely to show your ads to potential customers and clients.

The keyword match types dictate how closely the keyword needs to match with the user’s search query.


Broad Match – Keyword: Nike Shoes

Your ads would appear for very broad searches that contained Nike, Shoes and similar searches such as sports shoes, running shoes, sports clothing etc.


Phrase Match – Keyword: Plant Pots

Your ads would show for searches that only contained that keyword phrase. Such as, plant pots for sale, cheap plant pots, orange plant pots.


Exact Match – Keyword: Web Design

Exact match would only display your ads when someone searches that exact keyword. If someone searched for Web Design, the ad would appear. If they search Cheap Web Design, The ad would not appear.


When you run a google ads campaign you’ll get a lot of data. That includes the searches that have resulted in ad clicks.

It’s very common that you’ll have searches in there that you do not want your ads to appear for, these waste your ad spend! Adding these as negative keywords will stop your ads from appearing for those searches.