Facebook Advertising

Build the ideal customer persona and advertise to users likely to interact with your business or products.

Facebook Advertising & Marketing in Norwich, Norfolk

Facebook advertising & Facebook Marketing are a fantastic way to put your business, brand or products direct to the customers you want.

80% of internet users have some sort of presence on Facebook and Facebook gathers data on these users and their behaviours. It’s this data, along with custom audiences and your Facebook pixel, that is used to push your advertisements to the customers you’re looking for.

In a nutshell, you can fine tune the type of users you wish to spend your advertising budget on with Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Targeted Facebook Audience Creation

Audience Targeting

Target your ads to customers who are more likely to interact and convert.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Pixel Installation

Adding Facebook Pixel to your site allows you to collect advertising data.

Facebook Ad Copy Creation

Ad Copy & Creation

Well written, interesting ad copy optimised to achieve your goals.

Facebook Ad Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Promote your brand across Facebook & Instagram and increase awareness.

Lead Gen Website Design

Drive More Sales

Place your products directly in front of customers as they browse.

Expert Website Support

Personal Service

Always deal with one person and never get stuck in a support system.

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Have you ever scrolled through your newsfeed and seen those fancy trainers you were looking at a couple of hours ago? This is remarketing. When a customer lands on your website information on what pages they’ve visited (and lots of other stuff) is sent back to Facebook. You can use this data to tell Facebook to remarket those pages/products back to a customer who’s visited your website before.

You can create audiences within Facebook Advertising tools. These audiences can be based on lots of different factors. You can set information such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Behaviour
  • Facebook pages
  • And lots more


For example, if you were a female fashion brand. You may decide that the audience you want to show your ads to is: female, aged between 20 – 40, lives in the United Kingdom, has interests in brands like Next, New Look and Riverside and has strong purchasing behaviour.

This one is very dependent on what you’re comfortable with. The more money you put behind your advertising the bigger the reach. You know how much a job/enquiry is worth or how much money you make selling a product. Give yourself a goal of something like “I want to sell 20 more products this month so I could put X amount behind the advertising to achieve that. I normally recommend starting at around £200 – £400 for your first month if you can, roughly £50 a week.

There are two things you need to pay for. One is your overall monthly ad spend budget and this is paid to Facebook. Second is a one-time set up fee (if required) and a monthly management fee dependent on the size of your advertising campaigns.

This includes the initial setup of up to 4 ads, copy tweaks, audience creation & research, conversion tracking and the general day to day monitoring and optimising your Facebook ads account. I charge £25 per new advert after the initial 4.

Yes, there’s a bit of initial research that is required before we can begin. I would need to know what goals you want to achieve. This could be as simple as you want more visitors to your website or you want to sell more products. Once I know your goals I can decide the best ways to achieve them.

I also need to know the type of customers that you think convert the best. To get the best results from your ads we need to create an audience persona. It’s better to show your ads to people who have a better chance of converting than a random group of Facebook users. Let’s not waste your money!

There is no answer for this question. The two are very different. Facebook Ads are shown to people who fit a multitude of criteria and works best for some industries. Google Ads are shown based on the keywords that someone searches on Google in the moment – best for some service based industries.