Case Study: Rafters Cleaning – Norwich

Client Name: Rafters Clean LTD

Company Overview: Rafters Cleaning are a commercial cleaning company in Norwich who offer services such as office, restaurant, bars and club cleaning to name a few.

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Services Used:

Web Design


PPC Advertising


Project Brief

Due to company growth, it was time for Rafters to take their online presence seriously. They had an existing website but it was doing nothing for them. It just sat stagnant for a year and really served no purpose. Rafters needed a new website that reflected the quality of work they do and to make things easier for customers to get in touch and enquire about services.


  • To complete a major redesign and restructure of the Rafters website.
  • To increase traffic and lead generation via the website.
  • To display information in an easy and understanding way.
  • To boost the organic rankings of Rafters Cleaning in the local area.

The Solution

We rebuilt the entire Rafters Cleaning website on SSD based hosting for up to 300% faster speeds. A huge part of any website is site performance. Poorly performing websites can put off customers and in turn they’ll abandon your website – increasing your bounce rates.

We created the website with a huge emphasis on booking a quote and getting in touch. We made sure that every page linked through to the custom made quote form which would allow customers to ask for a quote. The customers would also receive an automated message to say Rafters would be back in touch within the next 24 hours.

We also spent a great deal of time creating an SEO optimised site. We installed an SSL certificate to ensure the site is HTTPS which can boost rankings. We also made sure that every page had handcrafted meta titles and descriptions for search engines to read, pickup and rank. We also created location based pages with keyword emphasis on certain local locations to boost presence in those areas.

The Results

We increased site performance by up to 50%. For example, the average page size of a website is 3.31mb (Source: GTMetrix). Rafters homepage is just 898kbs, that’s just shy of being four times smaller than the average web page size compared to the average – in turn that means the page load times are very close to being 50% faster.

We installed rigorous caching policies to ensure returning customers to the site would have even faster loading speed. In short, caching stores images and data in your browser so that next time that visitor lands on your website, there’s less to load and in turn provides a quicker browsing experience. Read more about caching in our blog here.

We also run a monthly Google Ads campaign for Rafters, in the first two months of the ad campaigns running Rafters saw a soaring uptake in get a quote enquires and phone calls. So much so, Rafters has now landed a large cleaning contract with one of East Anglia’s largest Skip Hire firms.

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